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Bonded plastic ferrite magnet rings for motor

The Ferrite injection magnet is with good corrosion resistance capability, no coating.Low cost,stable magnetic property ;fine coherence, composite molding, elastic magnetization and high mechanical strength.
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I.Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnet Properties 

It is a new kind of composite permanent magnetic material with the features of flexible shaping, precision dimension, adjustable magnetic properties, fine coherence, composite molding, elastic magnetization and high mechanical strength.

Low cost, widely used in many different applications ,stable magnetic  property with strong demagnetization resistance capability. Good corrosion resistance capability, no coating. The injection bonded ferrite magnet is widely applied in core components and parts of micro machine, location sensor, buzzer, con-tactless  distributor For automotive and home appliance industry.
II. Ferrite composite magnet types and properties (Ferrite +rare earth permanent magnet)

Model Remanence
   Br (KG)
Maximum energy product (Mage)
Intrinsic coercivity
  Hcj (Koe)
Coercive force
  Hcb (koe)
HGH-2 2.5-3.3 1.5-2.5 2.6-3.4 2.1-2.5
HGH-3 3.3-9.9 2.5-3.5 3.4-4.0 2.5-3.1
HGH-4 3.9-4.0 3.5-4.5 4.0-4.9 3.1-4.0
HGH-5 4.6-5.1 4.5-5.5 4.9-5.8 4.0-4.5
HGH-6 5.1-5.6 5.5-6.5 5.8-6.6 4.5-4.8
HGH-7 5.6-6.0 6.5-7.5 6.6-7.2 4.8-5.0
HGH-8 6.0-6.4 7.5-8.5 7.2-7.6 5.0-5.2
HGH-9 6.4-6.8 8.5-9.5 7.6-8.0 5.2-5.4
HGH-10 6.8-7.1 9.5-10.5 8.0-8.3 5.4-5.5
HGH-11 7.1-7.4 10.5-11.5 8.3-8.6 5.5-5.6
HGH-12 7.4-7.6 11.5-12.5 8.6-8.8 5.6-5.8


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