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The magnetic material R&D team of the company was formed by Chinese Electronics Technology Group Nanjing 28 senior experts with the international first-class magnetic magnetic experts, devoted to build large and high-grade multi polar magnet ring base which covers variety of materials and specifications. We mainly produce Anisotropic sintered ferrite multipole magnet rings, Anisotropic sintered ferrite multipole magnet rings and Hot extrusion Neodymium magnet rings as well provide other types of multi-pole magnet rings for customers.With international advanced level and intellectual property rights. The surface magnet of multipole ferrite can reach 1900~2000GS and Neodymium multi-pole rings can be up to 4000~6000GS, The products are with correct sizes, stable performance and good quality, widely used in Brushless DC motor, precision servo motor and other new generation of permanent magnet motor. Spanner Science & Technology pursues excellence  and consists on combination of production, learning and researching. With Robotics Institue of Zhenjiang, Mechanical and Electrical Institute of Zhejiang and part of domestic industry expert to establish automation equipment and magnetic materials institute, together to R&D advanced automation equipment and high-performance magnetic materials. 
The company adheres to the idea of creating value for customers, successively served Xizi Otis, YAMAHA, Master Kong, Johnson Electric, DMEGC, Kaishan Group, Sanhua Group, Dun An Group, Daqing oilfield, Century, JPMF , Inuovo and other customers, have been got widely recognized and praised. 
We persist in customer first, utilizing the professional experiences in automation equipment and magnetic field, making innovations of industrial development model to create maximum value for customers. Establishing long term mechanism of company social responsibility, paying attention to the sustainable development of society and environment, actively fulfill citizen duty of corporate, scrupulously abide by business norms, promoting sustainable development strategy to every business operation step via business practicing to provide valuable and professional solutions as well services for customers. 
We have professional international sales team to do win-win business cooperation. 



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