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Permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor for electric vehicle

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In view of the possible irreversible demagnetization problem of ferrite permanent magne-assisted 

 synchronous reluctance motor, ferrite and NdFeB hybrid permanet magnet assisted synchronos reluctance

 for electric vehicle is studied. The rotor sturcture of hybrid permanent magnet assisted synchronous  relctance

 is discussed by finite element method, including the optimization of the shape and the relative size of the 

magnetic steel groove, irreversible demagnetization of ferrite under the peak condition, and has made the

comparative analysis with other motors. The results show that the cost of the hybrid permanent magnet 

motor is close to that of the ferrite, but the torque ripple rate is low, and the irreversible demagnetization

problem of the ferrite permanent magnet material is well solved. 

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