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Ceramic (Hard Ferrite)

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6. Ceramic magnets are composed of iron oxide, barium and strontium elements. This class of magnets has a higher magnetic flux density, higher coercive force, and higher resistance to demagnetization and oxidation compared to other non-rare earth permanent magnets. The biggest advantage of such magnets is their low cost, which makes the hard ferrite magnets very popular in many permanent magnet applications. Due to their ceramic nature, ferrite magnets are very hard and brittle. Special machining techniques must to be utilized for these magnets.


Our company mainly produce Sintered anisotropic magnet multipole rings. The diameter is in the range of 10mm--80mm, from 2 poles to 48 poles with variety of specifications.  We can supply sine wave, trapezoidal wave , square wave and other magnetizing waveform. With high performance, the surface magnetic flux strength can reach 2100Gs. Customized products as per customers requirements.


The products widely used in brushless DC motor, precision servo motor, permanent magnet motor, micro motor, etc.

We have professional international sales team to do win-win business cooperation. 



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