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Application of preparation Technology of High-grade permanent Magnet Ferrite and Burning material

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  In order to make use of labor power, material resources, financial resources, financial resources and natural 

 resources in SPN, to develop the distric of high-grade magnetic material and establish magnetic material industry 

 production base, SPN focus on the study of the application technology of hard ferrite-pre-sintering material with 

 high- quality. 

 Hard Ferrite , especially those with high-properties, is the basic functional material in the modern society. Study of 

 hard ferrite with higp properties can improve the development of information technology, environmental protection

modern automobile industry.

  The application and research status of magnetic materials , the development distinctions of magnetic industry between

 China and forengn country, the development strtegies of hard ferrite, and the advantages and significance for developing 

 magnetic industry in SPN. On the base of the analysis on the advanced technology of hard ferrite in foreign country, the 

main procedures of preparing hard ferrite pre-sintering material are determined as follows:

First , the ferrite oxides coming from the main cold rolling line and stontium carbonate are conveyed to storage tank by gas 

power and weighed automatically according to the demands of constituent composition. And then they are mixed and grinded

by using method of wet treatment. Finally the mixtures is transported to the devices of storage by transporting pump. after this, 

are quantitatively weighed at quantiitative pump again and sent to rotary lo;m tp be sintered with wet method. The products of

pre-sinteing material are cooled to room temperature at low speed after sintering and grinded by ball-grind. The pre-sintering

materials of high qualit hard ferrite are prepared.

Combined with the analysis on the research results of hard ferrite abroad , the relationship between solid diffusion reaction and particle size, temperature and time of pre-sintering as well as chemical activity of raw material that would affect the properties of 

pre-sinter material was analyzed. The experiment that would change the characteristic of pre-sintering material was conducted by 

using method of ion substitue. Molar ration which imporve the properties of strontium ferrite pre-sintering material was studied, 

the effect of nanometer composite additive was analyzed. Finally , we concluded that , manfacturing of hard ferrite pre-sintering

material and magnet is depend upon both advanced tehnology and equipment as well as raw material with high purity we used, 

and small size particle, high activity, adequate and stable oxygen during sinering , narrow distribution of particle size during the second process of ball grinding, magmetic field with high strength are needed, reasoonable sintering process, sutable sintering 

tempertaure and atmosphere are also important for sintering. 

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