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About NdFeB Poweders

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Neodymium and /or parseodymium metal are the primary raw material in SPN . They are alloyed with iron and boron prior to being processed inoto a powder, which is the precursor to NdFeB bonded magnets. Other elements (such as zirconium or cobalt) are sometimes added to the alloy in small quantities to achieve certain characteristics. 

During Bonded powder process, molten NdFeB is propelled onto a cold surfac, rapidly cooling the material and locking in the atomic configuration in a process know as melt spinning or jet casting. The material is then coarse ground and mixed with a resin binder. The combined material is then formed into a magnet using compression molding, injection molding, extruding or calendaring. After the desired shape has been achieved the resultant metal is then magnetized. 

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